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Discover How To Turn More Leads Into Sales Without Going To War With Your Sales Team.
HubSpot CRM Sales Expert Consulting and Training
Josh Paul
Top HubSpot Lead Generation
& Sales Expert
HubSpot CRM Sales Success Stories
"When it comes to HubSpot, Josh really knows his stuff. Using his system, we had a highly productive sales process — tailored to our business — within weeks"

- Neil Patel
The HubSpot CRM is brilliant. But, the out-of-the-box HubSpot CRM settings don’t set your sales team up for success. You can spend 9 months guessing at what might work, while pissing off your sales team, letting leads slip through the cracks, and losing internal buy-in…


…you can give your team a process and toolset that salespeople love to use and that gives your leadership visibility into what is working and what is not.

With HS Sales Success, you get a selling system built on HubSpot’s CRM that enables sales reps to qualify and close inbound leads much more efficiently and at a higher volume.

My unique approach to lead management makes working leads and opportunities very easy for salespeople. It also gives marketing and management the data they need to track both sales performance and the sales process.

My team and I guide stakeholders from your marketing and sales teams through a 3-month program that consists of structured workshops, backend HubSpot build-out, and hands-on training. 

During your program, we'll focus on 5 areas:
Stage #1
Rethinking Your Sales Foundation
Stage #2
Daily Activity Flows
Stage #3
Stage #4
Sales Tools
Stage #5
Reporting & Analytics
At the end of the HS Sales Success program, your company will be transformed into a highly-efficient sales machine — armed with the data to address weak points in your funnel and optimize your sales process as your company evolves. 
Imagine If...
  •  You could handle 10-20X more leads without adding headcount.
  •  Leads never slipped through the cracks.
  •  You could compile a perfectly accurate sales forecast in less than 30 seconds.
  •  Your entire sales team worked from the same simple playbook to qualify and track leads.
  •   Training new sales reps took 90% less time.
  •  Your sales reps logged in each morning and knew exactly who they needed to call that day and what they needed to call them about.
  •  Sales managers could see trouble spots well before they impact revenue.
  •  Executives got answers about the health of the pipeline in seconds, not days.
  •  The marketing team had 100% confidence that the leads they were sending to sales were not rotting on the vine.
This Is Not Training. This Is Transformation.
HubSpot CRM Lead Management Consulting
 Proven Lead Management System
If you are using HubSpot, you are getting more leads. However, these are not the type of leads your sales team is used to working.

Implementing HubSpot's inbound methodology means you're moving from only talking to people who are close to making a decision to leads at all stages of the funnel — from people who are researching their problem to people who are building their short list for final selection.

Our proven selling system lets you handle 10-20X more leads without hiring a single additional sales person. This means you'll convert more of your marketing investment into revenue.
HubSpot CRM Sales Workflow Training
 Quota-Killer Daily Activity Flows
Handling 10-20X more leads starts with how you organize your day. Your sales reps will be given a tested roadmap for connecting with, qualifying, and closing more leads using your new lead management framework. 

This includes what to do at the beginning of each day, what to do when a lead is assigned to your sales people, and how to make sure leads don't fall off their radar if reps don't get to them by the end of the day.
HubSpot CRM Sales Tools Training
 Interactive Sales Tools Training
Interactive Sales Tools Training enables you to fully leverage the set of tools for salespeople inside HubSpot. That means your sales team will be more efficient, make smarter decisions faster, and enjoy their jobs more.
HubSpot CRM Lead Generation Consulting
 My “Leads In Your Sleep” Hack
What would it mean for your business if your team spent less time chasing down inbound leads to set up a time to talk? My “Leads In Your Sleep” Hack helps you set up conversations with qualified leads faster without leaving voicemails or sending dozens of emails to find the right time.

Your sales team will simply log in each morning to find qualified discovery calls already on their calendar without picking up the phone once or sending a single email.
HubSpot CRM Lead Management Training
 Training: How to Move 100 Leads Down Your Funnel In 60 Minutes
See a sales rep using the full HS Sales Success system in action so that your sales team becomes clear on the role each piece of the puzzle plays in boosting sales productivity - from the daily activity flows to HubSpot's sales tools. The HS Sales Success program is the only place you will get this training.
HubSpot CRM Automated Sales Reports Consulting
 Automated Accountability Framework
What if you could see weaknesses in your sales process long before they resulted in lost revenue? My Automated Accountability Framework notifies you when a sales rep or part of your process is under-performing before it is too late.

This means sales managers don't need to hover over reps or dig through data to help sales reps succeed.
HubSpot Sales Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics Consulting
 Sales 360 Dashboards
Get the Sales Dashboards I use to quickly recognize parts of the business development process or specific individuals that are crushing it, as well as opportunities for improvement. No more guessing! This means marketing, sales management, and other executives will know exactly what is working and what is not.
Kick-Off Process. Leads from your team and our team collaborate to lay out the project plan, set expectations, and identify who from your company should be involved in this program. 
Discovery & Decisions. During a series of 3 workshops, we'll uncover what is working today and what is not. Then, we'll turn the corner and begin solidifying your new lead definitions, lead tracking process, and metrics framework.
Lead Management Implementation. Based on the workshop outcomes, our team will build out HubSpot's custom properties, automation, and sales data to align with your new lead management system.
Weekly Huddles. Each week, the project leads will meet to share updates, overcome roadblocks, and get answers to questions needed to continue forward progress.
Bi-Weekly Review Meetings. During the HubSpot configuration stages, the project team will meet every other week to review the latest interations of tools, workflows, and features for the sales and marketing teams.
Sales Training Sessions. During two sessions (2-4 weeks apart), the sales team will get trained on both their new, more efficient lead management process, as well as how to get the most from HubSpot's Sales Professional toolset.
This Program Is Not For Everyone. 

We Want You To Be Successful. If You Are Not A Good Fit For The HS Sales Success Program At This Time, We Will Let You Know During The Application Process And Point You Toward Better-Suited Resources.
HS Sales Success Is Right For You If...
  •  You want to convert more leads into customers.
  •  Your business is using, or plans on using, the HubSpot CRM.
  •   Leaders from both sales and marketing are committed to improving the sales process.
  •  You are open to change that positively impacts the metrics that matter to you.
  •  You want to help your sales team enjoy their jobs and make more money.
  •  You understand the long-term value of investing in sales efficiency.
  •  You are a nice person and a pleasure to work with. (We try to enroll only nice people. No jerks allowed.)
This Program Is Not For You If...
  • You don't need to increase sales.
  • Your company does not use HubSpot's CRM.
  •  You can't or won't optimize your HubSpot CRM system.
  • Your sales team will not, under any circumstances, change how they do things.
  •  You don't see how investing in making it easier to qualify leads and close sales is valuable to your company.
  •  You are not a leader in your company. 
  •  You are an egomaniac who doesn't have an interest in proven best practices.
Other than being really good at using HubSpot to grow businesses and a HubSpot partner, we are not affiliated or endorsed by HubSpot in any way. That is great news for you because we will show you the processes, shortcuts, and secrets that HubSpot can't tell you about. 
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